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"40 percent of small businesses are profitable, 30 percent break even and 30 percent are continually losing money."

"82 percent of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems."

 -Small Biz Trends

As entrepreneurs we are constantly focused on running our companies and often times, we forget that our business's finances are the backbone of our profit generating machines. 

That's why we diligently designed short videos to help save you time & increase your finance knowledge daily, on all things business finance.

This course is for anyone who wants to better their business financially no matter the age. We want to teach you the things you should have been taught in school.

Are You Prepared?

Get answers to the questions like

  • How is the coronavirus going to affect my business?
  • ​What should I be doing to maximize my dollars in times of crisis?
  • ​What is the best way financially to come out of this on top?
  • ​How can I continue to make money?
  • ​What do I do to take advantage of the stock market being down?
How it Works
Live Video Calls
Once a month Patrick will be going live to answer personalized questions you have. Tips on bank accounts, stocks, bonds, the language of money, certificate of deposits, managing your cash flow in comparison to your expenses, etc. 
New Content Monthly
We are passionate about this subject matter. This course will be a living & breathing organism, always and constantly evolving. Ask any questions during the videos and interact with the community. Our team is always ready to answer your questions.
Tips on Personal Finances
How to invest, how to stay out of debt, how to manage investment accounts, how to create investment accounts, how to handle stock options, how to avoid arguments, how to develop a healthy relationship with your spouse around money, and more
MEMBERS Participation
Social learning is key. Network with like minded couples and participate in LIVE sessions with others who are passionate about learning. This is the most effective Mastermind you'll ever be a part of and it's FREE with your membership.

Learn Things Like

  • Keeping your books and records straight
  • ​The 7 biggest mistakes business owners make
  • ​Investment foundations
  • ​Ways to fund your business
  • ​Separating your business from your personal life
  • ​How to profit in rough times
  • ​And much more exciting lessons!

Plus Online Exclusive Coaching sessions

Patrick Tucker is an entrepreneur, speaker, published author, 7 figure wealth manager, and a finance coach. On top of that he is a father to six sons, and husband to one with an unshakable passion to educate a massive digital community on finance and money. 

As a wealth manager, working with families and coaching advisers, Patrick became painstakingly aware of the lack of financial education in our society.  One of the things he's often asked is,

"How do I invest, save, spend and give back in a way that's smart and beneficial to me and my family?"

Patrick is here to serve you and your family, from your 5-year-old to your Grandma. It's his mission to help educate our society on finance; an element of our existence that's intricately weaved into every part of our lives.